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7 reasons why degaussing and hard drive destruction provides the ultimate security

7 reasons why degaussing and hard drive destruction provides the ultimate security


For businesses and governments, there are a number of ways data can be safely erased and destroyed. Below we’ve listed 7 reasons why combining both data erasure with hard drive destruction provides better security and long-term peace of mind:

Complete Data Erasure: Hard drive destruction combined with degaussing ensures that all data stored on the drive is completely erased, leaving no chance for recovery. Degaussing physically disrupts the alignment of the magnetic particles on the drive, while destruction physically damages the drive, making it impossible to access the data.

Physical process: Degaussing and hard drive erasure are both physical techniques that make it far more challenging for hackers and data thieves to recover the information. Software erasure can be avoided with the proper equipment and understanding, but physical destruction and degaussing ensure the data is irrecoverable.

Compliance: There are stringent rules governing the disposal of data in several industries, including the financial and healthcare sectors. These regulations are met or exceeded via hard drive destruction and degaussing, guaranteeing that the data has been securely deleted.

Environmentally Friendly: Data disposal techniques that respect the environment include degaussing and hard drive destruction. Hard drive shredders produce little waste and little energy, and degaussing doesn’t need any solvents or chemicals.

Cost-effective: Software erasure, while initially appearing to be a cheap solution, frequently ends up being more expensive. Hard drive destruction and degaussing could be more expensive up front, but they completely erase all data and do away with the need for extra data wiping tools or services.

Convenient: Degaussing and hard drive destruction can both be completed on-site, saving time and resources. As a result, there is no need to move the drive to a different location for data erasure.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that all data stored on a drive has been completely erased through hard drive destruction and degaussing provides peace of mind. It ensures that personal and sensitive information is not at risk of being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

In conclusion, the best method for securely wiping data is the combination of degaussing and hard drive destruction. It is a physical procedure that guarantees total data erasure, complies with or surpasses industry standards, is economical, practical, and offers piece of mind. For companies and people that want to verify that their data is correctly and safely wiped, it is the ideal option.

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