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Data security products by Verity Systems

The most secure hard drive degaussers and destroyers in the world. Explore the catalog below:

Crunch 250

A powerful and fast SSD and hard drive destroyer which renders a wide range of storage devices unusable.

DataGauss LG Max

The DataGauss LG Max is a state-of-the-art pulse technology degausser.

DataGone LG Plus

A high speed automatic hard drive & backup tape degausser with the Verity Systems Data Destruction Auditor and a 13,000 gauss field.

SDD Master

The SDD Master is an NSA certified degausser data sanitization system with a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser.


The V91 HDD Max manual hard drive degausser is second generation, high energy degaussing tool for hard drive destruction.

DataGauss XL-LG

The Datagauss LG Max is the most powerful, compact, continuous degausser for hard drives and backup tapes by Verity Systems.

Data Destruction Auditor

The Data Destruction Auditor is a one-of-a-kind data analytics system that provides the user with tangible evidence that a device has been securely erased and/or destroyed.

MediaGone 500

The MediaGone 500 is an SSD and flash media shredder with the latest auto-reverse and media identification technology.

DD Imager Camera Audit System

The DD Imager scanner seamlessly integrates with the Data Destruction Auditor software enabling enhanced camera recording options for a wide range of media.

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